Energy Zone Calculator
There are several reasons for training in the different energy zones. This is a newly updated version of the old calculator posted and now includes calculators for the "Spinning" zones, Lactic Threshold Zones & Functional Power Zones. A second tab will also link you to a running specific calculator.

You'll need to know your maximum and minimum heart rates and/or lactic threshold for these calculators.  There are several formulas you can look up online to give you an estimation of your min & max, however you should talk with your instructor if you're looking for more accurate results.

Click Here for the Energy Zone Calculator

Calorie Burned Calculator
This is a great calculator that I use, and you can use it too right here without having to download any files. Those of you that want your own spreadsheet file can use the link below.

Use this file to calculate the number of calories you burn during a work out.  You will need to know what your average heart rate was during your workout (hopefully you are using a HR monitor), and the number of minutes you participated in the workout.

Click Here for the Calorie Burned Calculator