Sunday, March 24, 2013

Weekly Schedule

Looks like a pretty standard week. I do want to point out that we're starting to recruit for the MS 150. If you're interested in riding, get the details by clicking on the MS 150 tab at the top of the blog, or by clicking on the following link: Ride the MS150 with the Space Monkey Mafia.

Finally, you are moments away from the 2013 Race to Anyplace Race Report! Keep your eyes open, it'll be posting soon!

Weekly Schedule

Monday 5:45am @ LA Fitness - "20 min Threshold" Class w/ Ken (off bike)
Monday @ Rivers Club - "20 min Threshold" Class Class w/Ken
Tuesday @ LA Fitness - "A Journey to the Far East" w/Ken
Wednesday 5:45am @ LA Fitness - Standard Class w/ Janice
Wednesday @ Rivers Club - Searching for a sub
Thursday 5:45am @ LA Fitness - Standard w/ Janice
Friday 5:45am @ LA Fitness -  Intervals w/ Ken

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