Monday, June 24, 2013

Weekly Schedule & An Upcoming Savage Ride

Another late post! Sorry for the delay in getting this out, but it looks like everyone figured I would be in class as we had a great turn out at both LA Fitness & the Rivers Club today. The schedule for the week is below, and I am stocked to finally have the opportunity to get  my bike out on the road. @BRob72 & I will be heading down to Deep Creek Lake on Friday morning (after my LA Fitness Spin Class) to tackle the Savage Man Triathlon Bike Course. I've only done this ride once before and it is nothing but a brutal, punch you in the junk, kick in your face serious of climbs. 

I can still remember the last time on this route, saying to a friend about 10 miles in, "I've got to be honest, I don't think this is that savage." If only I had looked at the profile before hand I probably would have kept my mouth shut. Anyway, I just realized I'm starting to ramble so....

The Moral of the Story is...
Pull up your big boy pants, take a vacation day, and come ride this beast with us! Shoot me an email if you're interested!

Happy Father's Day to me! Kelly & Jax decided a RoadID would be a good gift & I agreed. If you do any running or biking alone, without your phone or ID, this is a great way to let people know who you are in the event of an emergency. Order one in the next few weeks with this code and you'll get $1.00 off! Code: ThanksKen28409787

Weekly Schedule (6/23 - 6/29)

Monday 5:45am @ LA Fitness -  Standard Class w/ Ken
Monday @ Rivers Club - Standard Class w/ Ken
Tuesday @ LA Fitness - Interval Class w/ Ken
Wednesday @ Rivers Club - Sub will be in for me
Friday 5:45am @ LA Fitness -  Standard Class w/ Ken then the Savage Man Triathlon Ride in Deep Creek!

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