Saturday, June 1, 2013

The Shrooms are Working, Lucid Dreaming, the Zombie Apocalypse and More...

The Shrooms Are Working!

At least, I feel like the shrooms are working! So far I've only tried the Vitamin Shoppe's cordyceps brand. They recommend taking 2 capsules, but I've been doing half that for the past week (most of the research I can find says 520mg is more than enough to produce measurable results).

This past Friday was the first day I noticed a change in my training numbers. I went out for  tempo run at lunch and to my surprise recorded a 7:30 average pace. The reason it was such a surprise is that if I hadn't looked at my training data I would have said it felt more like an 8:30 pace. In addition to my speed increase my heart rate was also at a threshold level (though it felt much lower). Now, I can't attribute this change in perceived exertion directly to the supplement, but I think it could be playing a role. Stay tuned for on the effects that I'm feeling in the next few posts.

I'm also excited to be reviewing Shroom TECH Sport in the next few weeks. This version of  cordyceps extract has a mix of several other powerful ingredients to magnify the effect and boost the effects. This is the supplement I had originally planned on ordering, but it was a bit pricey. Instead, I figured I'd try the Vitamin Shoppe stuff. At the time though, I did decide to get a few bottles of Shroom TECH Immune. Ever since Jax started daycare I've been kicking a cold on and off and the ingredients in this product sounded promising. When I ordered the Immune product, Onnit accidentally shipped the Sport version instead. When I contacted them, they offered to let me keep a bottle. While I was bummed not to have the Immune stuff before my recent vacation, I was stoked to get the opportunity to receive a free bottle of the Sport. More to come on the effects of both after I start taking them.

Mushroom Side Effects

So, have I noticed any other side effects since taking the cordyceps? Yes, and it's sort of a strange one...lucid dreams! In fact, just the other night I had a whole conversation with a guy that was trying to convince me he was real and not part of a dream. Pretty wild stuff! I really can't say that the cordyceps are causing this effect, but I can only recall one other lucid dream in recent memory before I started taking the extract.

It's also possible that I could turn into a zombie, explode, and turn everyone else who gets hit with my splatter into zombies too. I know it sounds crazy, but apparently there is a strain of cordyceps that causes ants to do just that. So, if I'm acting weird one day, stay far back.

Okay, enough ramblings for this week...on to the training schedule!

Weekly Schedule (6/3 - 6/8)

Monday 5:45am @ LA Fitness -  Standard Class w/ Ken (off Bike)
Monday @ Rivers Club - Standard Class w/ Ken
Tuesday @ LA Fitness - Interval Class w/ Ken
Wednesday 5:45am @ LA Fitness - Standard Class w/ the Mystery Instructor
Wednesday @ Rivers Club - Standard Class w/ Ken
Thursday 5:45am @ LA Fitness - Standard Class w/ the Mystery Instructor
Friday 5:45am @ LA Fitness -  Crazy Hard Class w/ Ken

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