Sunday, June 22, 2014

July Class Profiles & A World Cup Spin

World Cup Spin Class on June 24!
Summer 2014 just kicked off and it's already full of awesomeness. World Cup soccer is in full swing, the Tour de France is getting ready to kick off, and there's plenty of outdoor activity happening all over the place!

If you're training for the MS 150 with the Space Monkey Mafia, you've only got a few short weeks left. With that in mind, I'll be revamping my end of June & July spin classes to help make up for the riding I've been missing on the weekends!

Starting this week, I'll be on my Spin bike by 5:05am and riding through 630am on Tuesdays & Fridays. This week we'll kick on a World Cup soccer themed class on Tuesday.

Tour de France Spin Begins 7/8/14
Starting on Tuesday, July 8th, we'll break the class profile down to mimic that day's Tour de France ride profile.  I'll be posting a training peaks plan that you can download for free and I'll post the link in the next few days.

Finally, on July 4th, we'll plan a patriotic morning class and party. Of course there will be plenty of red, white and blue jello shots to kick off your July 4th weekend, and we'll get a playlist to match.

That's all for now...we'll see you at the gym!

Spin Schedule

Tuesday, June 24 -LA Fitness @ 5:45am (I'll be starting at 5!)
Friday, June 27 -LA Fitness @ 5:45am (I'll be starting at 5!)

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