Monday, August 17, 2015

Finding the Right Multi-Vitamin

Swing by the vitamin section of your local pharmacy and you’ll literally feel like you’ve walked into a wall. From vitamin A to 12 forms of B, C, D2, D3, multivitamin packs, herbal supplements, oils and more, it's easy to get intimidated. How can you blast through all the fancy labels and find exactly what you’re looking for?

Well, I'm not a nutritional, but here are the three biggest things I was looking for in a vitamin. These three are what lead me to finally select "Pure Vitamin Club" (disclaimer, I am in NO WAY affiliated with this product...I won't get a single penny if you decide to try it yourself!).

First, I want a capsule, not a tablet. Here's why.

  • Tablets are packed togeather pretty hard. It wakes your body extra time to break them down and the amount of "fillers/additives" required to keep them togeather make this even tougher
  • Because tablets don't break down quick, many of the nutrients in them pass right thorough the body and make your pee look radioactive
  • Capsules digest quickly and easily
  • The machines used to produce tabs need to add different types of lube so the tabs can easily move through the production line, like Magnesium stearate (problem is this can interfere with the absorption rate of some nutrients)

Second, as mentioned above, I don't want any fillers or additives! This means wheat, corn, dairy, artificial colors (why do I need titanium dioxide in my vitamin...keep it in my sunscreen please), or other additives.

Third, it has to be affordable. I don't want to spend 3 billion dollars on supplements every year. There are a lot of really great products out there. Thorne, Klean Athlete, Dr. Mercola, and many more make some great products, but their pricey! Pure Vitamin club is about $10 per month. This is also one of the lowest price vitamins I've found that are NSF certified!

Finally, I can say from experience that I feel better when I'm taking this vitamin. Unlike several others I've had in the past, I can take these on a completely empty stomach without issue. I don't look like I'm peeing orange after taking them and their auto ship program makes it easy to always have them on hand.

Check out for more info!

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