Sunday, August 7, 2011

Week of 8/8

Another grueling week has ended, both at work, with training & some crazy weekend traveling. I'm hoping that things get a bit less crazy this week. The training's starting to taper off and I'm hoping to get caught up with the madness of work in the morning. Here's the plan for this week, hope to see you at a class!

Monday- Spin at LA 545am, Possible Swim at Lunch
Tuesday- Swim at LA Fitness in the AM, Spin at LA at 645pm (Sorry, no lunch spin at Rivers Club)
Wednesday- Spin at LA 545am, spin at Rivers Club during Lunch, 1 hour run after work (who wants to join?)
Thursday- Run at LA 4:30am, Swim at LA or Rivers Club at lunch...haven't decided where yet
Friday - Run at LA 5am, Spin at LA Fitness 545 AM
Saturday - 3 Hour's on the Bike followed by a 30min Run
Sunday - 2 Hour's on the Bike followed by a 30min Run

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