Monday, February 11, 2013

Race to Anyplace Training Schedule

We only have a few weeks left before the Race to Anyplace! If you're still on the fence, or just haven't gotten around to 'officially' signing up yet, I really hope you'll do so! We still have a few slots left, although they are filling up fast.

Here is a quick look at the training we'll do the rest of this week and next. Also, there are a few extra details that I sent in an email to the team, if you didn't receive that email, please give this a quick look over.

Race to Anyplace Training Schedule

This Week
Tuesday @ Rivers Club - 3 Five minute Sprints with Three minutes of Recovery
Wednesday @ LA Fitness - 2 Ten minute Sprints with Five minutes of Recovery
Wednesday @ Rivers Club - 1 Ten minute Sprint, Five minute Recovery & 1 Fifteen minute Sprint
Friday @ LA Fitness - Race Rehearsal! 2 Fifteen minute Sprints with Fifteen minutes in between, off the bike

Next Week (2/18-2/23)
Monday @ LA Fitness - 1 Fifteen minute Sprint
Tuesday @ Rivers Club - Possible Race Rehearsal or Spiral with Race style sprints
Wednesday @ LA Fitness - Spiral with Race style sprints
Wednesday @ Rivers Club -Possible Race Rehearsal or Spiral with Race style sprints
Thursday @ LA Fitness - Tell Janice to go easy!
Friday @ LA Fitness - Easy Spin

Other Need to Knows

First, Get Registered!

To officially register, click here!

Reserve Your Ride Time, Pick Which Team You Want to Ride On & Set a Mileage Goal!

What time do you want to ride? Click here, or on the link below to access the online race roster spreadsheet. You can also let me know what time you would like to ride at Spin class if you prefer. Once you log on, type your name in one of the open, yellow boxes to sign up for your first shift (your name will automatically populate in the appropriate space for your second shift). 

Also, if someone has taken a time that you need, please email me and I'll see what we can do to shift the schedule around. Most of us are pretty flexible on the times that we can ride.

You'll also have to choose which team you want to put your name on. The Race Team is on the left of the page & the JV/fun team in on the right. If you're still unsure which team you want, give the next paragraph a read. I might also shift some names around depending.

Picking your Team & Setting Your Goal

In order to be competitive, each rider on the Race team needs to average around 10.8 miles during each 15 minute shift. That means when we do cadence checks during class, you should be consistently maintaining 16 to feel confident on race day.

When your cadence check = 12 you will ride a total of 7.5 miles in 15 minutes. That increases by .5 miles for every +1 you add to that 12. So, if you're averaging 16 on your cadence checks, you can expect to go 9.5 miles. That puts you one mile away from where I said you needed to be on race day, but don't stress that extra mile, its usually pretty easy to achieve with the adrenaline that you'll have going.

Don't Forget Your Donation!
Remember, we are asking each team member to raise or donate $50. This goes to the Leukemia & Lymphoma Society which is a great organization. Also, please keep in mind that  most major corporations match employee donations. If you work for a company that does, please request the match & let me know that you've done this so I can inform the Race Organizers that we have extra donations coming in!

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