Friday, February 15, 2013

Race to Anyplace & The Upcoming Week

New Blog Page!
Take a quick look at the upper right hand side of the page right now. There's a new section titled "NEW Gear I Use." I often get asked "what kind of shoes are good for spinning," or "what type of heart rate monitor should I buy."

Well wonder no more my friends! If I use it, and think its worthy of telling you about, I'll add it to this section of my blog! If you've found something that you think works particularly well, let me know and it might make the cut too!

Race to Anyplace & Spin Training Schedule

It's hard to believe the Race to Anyplace is next Saturday! It looks like we've go most of our Riders lined up!

Also, keep your eyes open, we'll be posting a detailed ride time list with goals!

Here is a quick look at the training we'll do the rest of this week and next. Also, there are a few extra details that I sent in an email to the team, if you didn't receive that email, please give this a quick look over.

Monday @ LA Fitness - 1 Fifteen minute Sprint
Tuesday @ Rivers Club - Possible Race Rehearsal or Spiral with Race style sprints
Wednesday @ LA Fitness - Spiral with Race style sprints
Wednesday @ Rivers Club -Possible Race Rehearsal or Spiral with Race style sprints
Thursday @ LA Fitness - Tell Janice to go easy!
Friday @ LA Fitness - Easy Spin

  1. Ken P. *Registered
  2. Jack R. *Registered
  3. Gary M. *Registered
  4. Jim T. *Registered
  5. Chuck E. *Registered
  6. Gary H. *Registered
  7. Lisa R. *Registered
  8. Nate F.*Registered
  9. Brian R. *Registered
  10. Mystery Rider 1
  11. Mia R. *Registered
  12. Candy F. *Registered
  1. Eric Fingal *Registered
  2. Scott Replogle *Registered
  3. Mystery Rider 2
  4. Dave Hoffman *Registered
  5. Mary M. *Registered
  6. Kim S. *Registered
  7. Jill G. *Registered
  8. Vicki D. *Registered
  9. Janice B. *Registered
  10. Kevin B. 
  11. Christina T. *Registered
  12. Mystery Rider 3

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