Sunday, November 10, 2013

Ready to Head Back to Pittsburgh with My Chi!

Jax and I in the Asheville Airport
Hello from North Carolina! I’m chilling in the airport ready to bring home some Chi Running knowledge! Check out my post below to get more info on what I'm planning to do with my new skills, how you can get some Chi Running knowledge yourself, and how/why I'm changing up my usual lifting routine...

Hanging out with Chi Running
Founder, Danny Dryer
We wrapped up an eleven mile run this morning and I'm still amazed that when I apply Chi Running this distance feels like a short, one or two miles. The core principles of keeping my posture aligned and allowing the body to 'fall' forward into gravity makes so much sense. In fact, I can't believe that I’m only a year into discovering this technique. Lately I've even found myself asking, "Why don't our bodies automatically know to run this way?" As it turns out, they actually do!

The proof is all around us in children. Just watch young kids move on the playground. You'll see them moving fluidly down the park, falling from their center, kicking their legs behind them, and having a great time. It's not until they get a little bit older and start mimicking the way they see teenagers and adults move that they break that impeccable form.

Get Some Chi Running Knowledge Yourself!
I am so stoked to be going through this process. I can't wait to start sharing what I'm learning with others to help them run smoother, more efficiently and most importantly, injury free. As part of my learning journey, I've committed to instructing at least ten hours pro-bono to a very small group of close friends. If you fit into that category (and most likely if you're reading this you do), keep your eye open. I might just grab you before an AM spin class in the next few weeks!

Changes to my Plan
One big take away for me here in Asheville is that I really need to focus on relaxation throughout my body. Chi Running stresses alignment and relaxation. We’re basically taught the Tai Chi principle of ‘needle in cotton’ to illustrate how the body needs to be aligned with good posture (the needle) and at the same time be relaxed (like cotton) to move efficiently.

Kelly, Jax & I relaxing at
Biltmore after a long day of
Chi Running Training!
This weekend reminded me that I shouldn’t have been neglecting my yoga, stretching, or core exercises like I have. So over the next two weeks I’ll be taking the time I usually spend in the gym lifting, and focus more on stretching, yoga, body weight exercises, and strengthening my core. I’ll be using the Foundation program to help strengthen and loosen my back, practicing some Prehab movements from Core Performance, the Chi Running body looseners, and more.

If you’re interested in getting a little bit looser as well, feel free to join me Monday, Tuesday & Friday mornings.

That’s all for now, our plane is just about ready for boarding from Asheville. Ready to hit the ground running as soon as we’re back in Pittsburgh!

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