Sunday, November 24, 2013

Turkey Burners, Black Friday Awesomeness & More!

It's official, as of this week the holiday season has kicked off! Hoping everyone is in the spirt and I'll do my best to put together some challenging workouts to help you offset any holiday libations you might be partaking in.

We'll keep things normal for the first part of the week, then do some celebrating/Thanksgiving recovering on Friday. See below for all the details!

Turkey Burner @ The Rivers Club
Let's be honest, it's not the turkey you need to worry about. Perhaps we should call this the pumpkin pie, sweet potato, stuffing and egg nog burner! Either way, this Rivers Club tradition is alive and well again in 2013! Join us for 1 to 2 hours of Spinning Friday morning. We'll do our best to kick your butt and offset any over indulgence from the day before!

Here's the schedule of instructors for the Turkey Burner.
Lisa will do 8-8:40,
Hannah 8:40-9:20,
Ken 9:20-10am.

Black Friday LA Fitness Door Buster Party Class 
The Rivers Club isn't the only spot with a post-Thanksgiving tradition. Our LA Fitness crew will be meeting for class Friday morning as well and we'll finish it up with one of our infamous parties! The menu for Friday's party is below. I'll be kicking things off a bit early at 5:00am, but feel free to show up any time, including the normal 5:45 start. We might work in a little Race to Anyplace training too. If you're not a member, and would like to check it out, shoot me an email and we'll make it happen!

Party Menu

  • Jack's Famous Jello Shots
  • Almost Raw Vegan Pumpkin Pie (if I'm not to lazy to make it)
  • Coffee & Horchata
  • Lot's of other goodies brought in by 'the people'

Weekly Schedule

Monday 5:45am @ LA Fitness -  Standard Class w/ Ken
Monday @ Rivers Club - Standard Class w/ Ken
Tuesday @ LA Fitness - Standard Class w/ Ken
Wednesday @ Rivers Club - Standard Class w/ a Sub
Friday 5:00am @ LA Fitness - Early Class w/ Race to Anyplace Training & a Super Awesome Party After
Friday @ Rivers Club - "Turkey Burner" See above for the schedule!

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