Sunday, December 1, 2013

Weekly Schedule

Weekly Schedule

Monday 5:45am @ LA Fitness -  Standard Class w/ Ken
Monday @ Rivers Club - Standard Class w/ Ken
Tuesday 5:45 @ LA Fitness - Standard Class w/ Ken
Wednesday @ Rivers Club - Standard Class w/ Ken
Friday 5:45am @ LA Fitness - Standard Class w/ Ken

Bonus Strength Training Days - I'm getting ready to start some real strength training again in the gym sometime in the next few weeks. Until I actually hit the weight floor I'll be getting my muscles back into the swing of things with the Spartacus workout from Men's Health. Feel free to join me before my LA Fitness Spin Classes at 5am if you want to go through it too! Please note that there is a slim chance each morning I might not actually make it in to do this workout (but that'll only happen if my son wakes up early for some reason).

See you there!

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