Monday, July 14, 2014

The Weekly Schedule & Tour Themed Classes!

First things first...yes, I have not been the most reliable over the past few weeks. Jax was going through a fussy stage and it caused us to very little sleep. I can't complain though, the kid has been a solid sleeper since we brought him home 20 months ago. If I have to deal with a week here or there while he's teething, no big deal! Anyway, I'm planning a normal week of classes at LA Fitness & will be making another lunch time appearance at the Rivers Club on Wednesday. Check out below for what you can expect in each class. Tomorrow (Tuesday) we'll be riding Monday's Tour de France ride since it is a rest day on the actual Tour. Hope to see you at a class!

Also, I'll be following in the steps of Chris Froome and Alberto Contador, pulling out of the big event. By the big event I'm talking the MS 150. I'll be in touch with the team asap, but with me out of the ride, I'll be looking for big things (and live tweets) from the Space Monkey Mafia riders!

Tuesday @ LA Fitness, 5:00 am

It's one for the climbers today! As you can see by the profile we have several long, Cat 1 hills, with a 2 and 3 mixed in. Class will start at 5am (pending any early morning wake ups by the kid). If you can't make it that early (or don't want to risk Jax waking up and keeping me from being early), just swing by at the normal 5:45 am time.

Wednesday @ The Rivers Club, 12:15 pm

Some of our riders last Wednesday thought the stage was a little "too easy." Even with all the simulated cobblestone jumps, flat sprints, and moderate climbs. If you did indeed thing that ride was "weak," then you're in for a treat Wednesday. It's going to be intense with some early rolling hills, then some steep climbing toward the end!

Friday @ LA Fitness, 5 am

It's the same deal as Monday, I'll do my best to be there at 5 am, but if something comes up with kido, I'll be grounded until the normal time at 5:45. We've got a few climbs today, and some moderate rolling hills. We will see you there!

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