Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Weekly Schedule & Last Week's Push Up Workout

Last Week's Workout
Hey, peeps! Last Tuesday's workout ended up being pretty awesome. I wasn't sure how it would turn out,
but so far the feedback has been great. The basic catalyst for the change in class format was somewhat selfish. I knew I was going to have to miss my chest workout that day, and didn't have any time to make it up. So, by combining high intensity Spin intervals, with push-ups, I figured I would get the best of both worlds!

Because we were only hopping off the bike for one minute at a time, we weren't giving our body time to recover. Our heart rates remained up and the calorie burn was consistent with what we would have done if we were just on the bike (at least that's according to my heart rate monitor).

Anyway, here's what they layout looked like. We'll plan to repeat this again next week on Tuesday. Of course, the push-up intervals are totally optional. If you choose not to do them, just spend the minute at a lower intensity, or "mini-recovery."

Push Up Pyramid Class
*Spin intervals were done at 85% MHR or 8.9-9 PRE

TimeInterval Description
TimeInterval Description
110minWarm Up101minPlyo Push Up
22minSpin Interval112minSpin Interval
31minStandard Push Ups121minDiamond Push Up
42minSpin Interval132minSpin Interval
51minStaggered Push Up143minEasy Spin/Recovery
62minSpin Interval151minDive Bomber Push Ups
71minWide Push Up162minSpin Interval
83minEasy Spin/Recovery171minStandard Push Up
92minSpin Interval (Intense)182minSpin Interval

Playlist for the Push Up Pyramid
  • Sunrise -Slaptop
  • Seasons (Waiting On You) -Future Islands
  • Silhouettes -Colony House
  • Wolves -Digitalism
  • Shark Attak -Group Love
  • Fever -The Black Keys
  • One Minute More -Capital Cities
  • Anna Sun -Walk the Moon
  • Sheila Put the Knife Down -Junior Prom
  • Kathleen -Catfish & The Bottlemen
  • All the Rage Back Home -Interpol
  • Helena Beat -Foster the People
  • Danny, Dakota & the Wishing Well -Silent Film
  • All These Things That I've Done -The Killers
  • Right Back At It Again -A Day to Remember
  • Reunion -M83
  • Song Away -Hockey
  • These Days -Foo Fighters
  • Beware The Dog -The Griswolds
  • Reverse -SomeKindaWonderful
  • Paris -Magic Man
Weekly Schedule
If you were at class today (Tuesday), then you knew it was on the schedule! Sorry for the late post here. The only other class this week is at LA Fitness on Friday. Officially starts at 5:45am, but I'll be on the bike by 5:15. See you there!

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