Sunday, November 16, 2014

Weekly Schedule, the Beer Mile and More!

Sadly, I'm down to only one day per week teaching spinning class. I'm still working out on the bike though, so I'll be in plenty of shape for the Race to Any Place. Just a reminder, we still have a few spots open for the team, so if you haven't signed up on our unofficial roster yet, please make sure you do!

Also, the Turkey Trot Beer mile is definitely on! Here are the categories that we'll be racing. If you're interested in participating, shoot me an email and let me know. Also, please make sure someone comes out with you so that they can drive you home!

Check out the T-Shirt design.
If you want one, email be by 11/17!
Beer Mile Categories

  1. The Full Race -4 cans of beer...4 laps, pretty simple
  2. The Pony Race -4 pony cans...4 laps, also simple but less beer
  3. The JV Race -1 can of beer...4 laps (must drink something on each lap, but may not start the final lap until the can is empty)

Get more on the history of the beer mile here.

That's all for now, look back soon for some great articles on what to look for in a personal trainer, how to train for the Pittsburgh marathon, and the benefits of Heart Rate Zone training!

Ken's Weekly Spin Class & Personal Workout Schedule
My personal workout schedule is listed here with my spin class schedule. Feel free to join me for Spin class or any other workout!

Monday - Strength Training @ Sarah Heinz House (noonish) & Bike Trainer Ride (sorry, no friends on this one)
Tuesday - 5/6 Mile Run on the North Shore (noonish)
Wednesday -12:15pm @ the Rivers Club
Thursday - Bike Trainer Ride (sorry, no friends on this one)
Friday - Strength Training @ Sarah Heinz House (noonish)

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