Sunday, November 23, 2014

Healthy Holiday Eating, the Beer Mile, and Weekly Scheudle

We've got quite a week lined up! First up is the Pre-Pumpkin Pie ride at the Rivers Club on Wednesday. Although it's only 45 minutes long, you can be sure I'll pull out all the stops to give you a killer workout before you're off for the holiday!

Second up, on Thanksgiving, is our first annual Turkey Day Beer Mile! I've been blogging quite a bit about this so won't take up any more room here, but check the last few weeks posts if you want more info.

Finally, I'm going to call a few of my LA Fitness friends and see if there is Spin Class scheduled for Black Friday. If there is, I might ask around for someone to let me tag along as their guest that morning. It would be great to catch up with the crew!

Tips for Holiday Eating

Tis the season! It's time for turkey, pumpkin pie, egg nog, bourbon, cranberry sauce, stuffing, bourbon, gravy, green bean casserole, bourbon, ham, cornbread, bourbon, pecan pie, and bourbon! How can you enjoy all the flavors of the season and still stay healthy? Check out this blog post by Katherine Dryer, or ChiLiving, for some great tips.

A Grateful Gut: 5 Chi Tips for Holiday Eating

  • 100 Steps
  • 2-5 Days of Healthy Eating
  • Eat Your Biggest Meal Early
  • 5 Bites of Sweets
  • Eat Your Veggies
Weekly Schedule

Wednesday - Rivers Club @ Lunch

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