Monday, February 21, 2011

Week of Feb 21

So I've finally upgraded my computer which means it'll be easier to post on a more frequent basis. I use to get so board waiting for the pages to load on my old one that I just sort of dreaded getting on even to check email or blog.

Last week was pretty good, nothing out of the ordinary except for a Race to Any Place practice run on Saturday. Thanks to the team who came out to the YMCA. Everyone on the speed team hit at least 18 miles during their 2 15 minute sprints. Nice work!

Here's whats on deck for this week. As always, feel free to join me at the gym for one of these workouts!

Tuesday Spin Classes at 5:45am, 12:15pm & 6:45pm, Running at 5am & snow shoveling at 4:35am

Wednesday Spin Class at 5:45am, Lifting Chest & Back at 5am

Thursday Running 5 miles at 5am, Swimming at 6am and maybe a Swim at lunch

Friday Lifting arms & Core at 5am, Easy Spin at 5:45am

Saturday Race to Any Place!

Sunday Run 10 miles

I'll definitely find some time to stretch in there too. My calves are killing me after the Race practice last Saturday.

Oh yeah, one other thing I forgot to mention. My wife's stepbrother found a crazy new workout and ordered the gymnastics rings to do it. Now I'm not trying to be any type of gymnastics pro, but these moves have to be awesome for developing some core strength. I'll let you know how crazy they are after his rings come in and I give it a try. Check it out on You Tube!

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