Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Week of February 7th

Well once again I'm a bit late on my post for this week. Because I was away over the weekend I wasn't able to plan a workout for Monday so yesterday I hit the gym for a chest & back lifting workout, followed by my first of 3 Spin classes. We worked a strength ride at LA Fitness in the AM, an interval ride at the Rivers Club for lunch, followed by a crazy interval class at LA Fitness in the evening.

The LA evening class consisted of 2, 15 minute, all out, steady sprints with light resistance. Many in the group were training for February's Race to Any Place, so I this was a good training ride. We did take about 15 minutes in between the steady sprints to do some climbing & chair salutations.

As for today (Wednesday), it was an early AM core workout followed by a recovery ride at LA Fitness in the AM (although I think I was the only one riding at recovery intensity) and a pretty intense interval ride at the Rivers Club during lunch.

Tomorrow its back to running for a cool 6 miles at 5am, followed by some swimming at 6.

Friday will bring more Race to Any Place training with 2 more 15 minute steady sprints during our 5:45am class. Hope to see you there!

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