Saturday, March 26, 2011

Last Week of March!

Last week was definitely a rough one and by the time it was over I was beat. Normally I'm instructing Spin 3 times on Tuesday, 2 times on Wednesday, and then once on Friday. I try to get a treadmill run and/or swim in on Mondays and Thursdays and have been taking it easy on the weekends.

Due to these easy weekends I haven't been getting enough running in and started to question whether or not I should drop my distance in the Pittsburgh marathon to a half marathon. Well, I had planned on doing a long run Saturday to see where I stood. This was last Sunday. I was also going to shoot for an easier week since I was planning a long run. Of course, that easy week didn't happen.

I ended up subbing Spin on Monday & Thursday for a total of 8 classes last week (about 7 total hours on the bike). Still, I pushed for the run on Saturday and surprisingly felt really good. My knee is a bit sore, but some ice and Ibuprofen should do the trick. I've decided to take Sunday off and here is what the rest of my week looks like. As always, if you're around, feel free to let me know and come join a workout with me.

This Weeks Plan
Monday 5AM -Short Run (or maybe Yoga) & Swim
Tuesday 5AM -Core workout & Spinning -No PM
Wednesday -I won't be at LA Fitness in the AM but do plan on a short run sometime during the day
Thursday -Off, no workouts! My day job calls
Friday 5AM -Likely some light lifting followed by Spin Class
Saturday AM -15 mile run, probably similar to last Saturdays run

So this is somewhat new, but I'll try to let everyone know if I've found some new nutritional info that I think we could all benefit from.

As you probably know, I like to track what I'm eating (not all the time but every now and then) to make sure I'm eating enough of the right stuff. I use to be a big fan of and still think its an awesome database. However I recently started using because it has an awesome, free Android App. So far its been very easy to use and I highly recommend it. You can keep track of workouts, food, etc. It even has a feature that lets you scan the bar code off the item you're about to eat and will add the calories to your online journal based on the bar code info. Check it out!

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  1. Funny - Shannon was just telling me about myfitnesspal today during our run! I haven't been tracking. Haven't made the time. But I'll have to check out that site.