Sunday, July 1, 2012

This Weeks Schedule & Tour de France @ "LA Fitness," french for "The Fitness"

Wow, I have been feeling fantastic since focusing on riding in Zone 2 & beginning P90X 4 weeks ago. I can tell that my body fat percentage is down, my endurance is up, and my energy is fantastic.

On top of that, I'm pumped that the Tour de France has started and the Olympic trials are on every night. The weather has been awesome over the past few weekends and I've been talking full advantage. With the upcoming holiday, I'm going to try to get a ride or run in outside every day starting on Wednesday. Feel free to hit me up if you want to tag along.

Stage profileOver the next 3 weeks I'm planning on mimicking the stages of the Tour de France each day in class. Check back here for an update on what you can expect to see in Spin class. We will start out on Monday with Stage 2 of the Tour. This stage features fairly flat ground, one Cat 4 climb & a fast finish. We'll ride the first 15 minutes of class in Zone 2, move onto a steep 4 minute climb, return to zone 2, then finish with a 12 to 15 minute, all out push!

See my last post to get this plan added to your Training Peaks account so you know what to expect as we roll through the next three weeks. Here's the overall schedule for the week!

Spin Schedule
Monday -LA Fitness @ 5:45am
Tuesday -*LA Fitness @ 6:45 pm, Rivers Club @ Lunch
Wednesday - NO LA Fitness @ 5:45 am,  NO Rivers Club @ Lunch
Friday -LA Fitness @ 5:45 am

Other Workout Schedule
Monday - LA Fitness @ 5:00am -P90X Chest, Shoulders & Tris, P90X Ab Ripper X (on your      
Tuesday -LA Fitness @ 5:00 am -P90X Back & Biceps & Swimming
Wednesday -LA Fitness @ 5:00 am -OFF
Thursday -LA Fitness @ 5:00 am - OFF
Friday - LA Fitness @ 5:00 am -P90X Legs & Back
Saturday -Run or Bike Ride, P90X Ab Ripper X
If you're following the P90X program with me, do the Ab Ripper routine on your own today
Sunday - Recovery

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