Sunday, January 30, 2011

Rollning into February

So I've been a little absent on the blog over the last few weeks, but maybe that's because I've been worn out at the end of each day! Here's a quick overview of what I've been up to, where my focus will be as we move into February, and what workouts you can expect from me if you're looking to do a little training...

January 14-27
Over the past two weeks I've been sticking to my standard training schedule. Yoga on Mondays, Spin on Tuesday, Wednesday, and Fridays, and some total body circuit training on Tuesdays and Thursdays. I finished a great block yesterday with my friends Geoff & Joel. We hit the bikes for an hour and a half, kept an average heart rate of 165 during that time, then Geoff and I went for a half hour run (Joel went to a wedding). Of course since all this took place over at Urban Active I had to stop at East End Brewing to grab a bottle of their Barley Wine "Gratitude."

Spin call last Friday was also pretty intense. Since we have a number of people training for the Race to Any Place the class consisted of 3, 8 minute steady sprints with 2 minute recovers in between each. This weeks we'll do 2, 15 minute steady springs with 5 minutes in between each.

January 28-February 7
Normally Mondays mean Yoga, but I've really got to start focusing more on my running and swimming, so tomorrow AM will be a run day. I'll strive for a good hour on the treadmill before heading into the pool at LA Fitness. Check out the rest of my schedule below and feel free to join me for any workout you like!

  • Monday Running & Swimming at LA Fitness in the AM
  • Tuesdays 4:50am Circuit training (maybe Spartacus or a P90X DVD) & Spinning at 5:30am (Endurance Zone), 12:15 (Interval Zone/Rivers Club) and 6:45pm (Interval Zone)
  • Wednesday 4:50am Flexibility & Spinning at 5:30am (I'm only teaching, not riding thanks to a biometric screening I have scheduled at work I'm not allowed to eat until after the cholesterol test, so I'm not going to ride and burn off the few calories I'll have left in me).
  • Wednesday @ Rivers Club Spinning at 12:15pm (Interval Zone)
  • Thursday Circuit Training (Spartacus Workout) & Swimming
  • Friday 4:50am Core & Spinning at 5:30am (Interval or Race Day Zone)
  • Saturday I'll be in Virginia but planning a 10 mile Birthday run (yep, it'll be the last year of my 20's!)
  • Sundays 5 Mile Easy Run

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