Saturday, October 29, 2011

2012 Race to Any Place

2012 Race to Any Place Team Registration

It's only the end of October but it's time to start thinking about this years Race to Any Place! This event is the largest stationary bike race in Western Pennsylvania, and an important team fund-raising event benefiting the Western Pennsylvania and West Virginia Chapter of the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society.

Sign up today by CLICKING HERE.

"Space Monkey Mafia" vs. "Space Monkey Mafia ELITE"
We always have a great time competing & riding for fun. Last year we divided into two teams, the Space Monkey Mafia and the Space Monkey Mafia JV. The plan was to have a competition team and a "fun" team. Well, the "fun" team ended up doing very well. That being said, this year I've decided to have everyone step up their game. I've dropped the JV, "fun" team. Don't get me wrong, anyone can still sign up regardless of your fitness level, but I will be expecting to see you sweat and place very well in the overall standings!

This year I've also created an "elite" team which I expect to WIN THE WHOLE DAMN RACE!

Our goal last year was to place first in the YMCA division. Well, there was a miss-communication somewhere and we showed up race morning to find we were not in the YMCA division! After the race organizers were made aware of this mistake we were supposedly moved back into the proper division. Throughout the race our progress was indeed reported with the YMCA teams, however after the race (and after we believed we took first place in the YMCA division), they gave it to another YMCA team and lumped us in with the health club division where we placed 2nd.

This year, to eliminate all confusion, the plan is to build a team that will take first place over all divisions!

Sign up today by CLICKING HERE. Let me know if you are interested in the standard team or the elite team. I'll make the ultimate call on where you end up! If you don't feel you're ready for a race like this yet, don't worry. We have plenty of time and I'll be organizing training rides and more, from now until the end of February. Also, be sure to sign up using the link above today! You don't need to officially register on the race site yet (the cost is $50 when you are ready). I just want to get your name on the interest list so that I can keep you updated.

If you are ready to officially register now, go ahead and follow the instructions below.

Lock in your Seat Today!
So..... how do we figure out who's on the team? Simple, make your donation now to lock in your seat! Once you make your online donation, shoot me an email so that I can mark you as officially registered (ensuring your spot)!

If too many register before you sign up...
Don't worry, we are riding in the YMCA division and other teams in the group will be looking to pick up extra riders. We will also allow the riders on our JV team to split shirts and only ride one 15 minute interval (but only if the team fills up).

Here's what to do to lock in now!

  • Sign up on the spread sheet so I know you're in (I'll save your spot if you can get me the check or pay online before 1/1/12)


  1. log onto

  2. select "Pay Now Online" from the first drop down menu

  3. select "Space Monkey Mafia" from the second drop down menu (everyone should select "Space Monkey Mafia" regardless of whether your on the speed team or the JV team

  4. enter your donation amount ($40min -if you work for PNC, please consider making this $50 as the company will match your donation)

  5. click "Add to order"

  6. Then follow the instructions on the following pages to enter your payment info

  7. Email as soon as you do this so that I can lock in your spot. Remember, it's first come first serve!

That's it, hope you're still planning on riding. Let me know if you have any questions!

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