Sunday, October 23, 2011

This Week (10/24-10/30)

Turkey Trot Training
Monday -Running at 7pm Indoors @ LA Fitness
Wednesday -Running at 7pm Indoors @ LA Fitness
Saturday -Trying to run at 10am at Jefferson Middle School Track (21 Moffett St., Pittsburgh PA)

Check out the Turkey Trot Training schedule here & also click the link above for more info on the Turkey Trot (Registration is open for this event)

Spin Schedule
Monday -LA Fitness @ 6:45 am
Tuesday -LA Fitness @ 6:45 pm, Rivers Club @ Lunch
Wednesday -LA Fitness @ 5:45 am, Dale is subbing Rivers Club @ Lunch
Friday -LA Fitness @ 5:45 am -Halloween Party!

Other Workout Schedule
Monday -LA Fitness @ 5:30 am -Chest, Shoulders & Core
Tuesday -LA Fitness @ 5:00 am -Legs then possibly a swim
Wednesday -LA Fitness @ 5:00 am -Legs
Thursday -LA Fitness @ 5:00 am -Arms & Core, more swimming
Friday -LA Fitness @ 5:00 am -2nd Round of Chest & Back

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