Sunday, October 16, 2011

This week (10/17-10/23)

Turkey Trot Training
Monday -Running at 7pm Indoors @ LA Fitness
Wednesday -Running at 7pm Indoors @ LA Fitness
Saturday -Trying to run at 10am at Jefferson Middle School Track (21 Moffett St., Pittsburgh PA)

Check out the Turkey Trot Training schedule here & also click the link above for more info on the Turkey Trot (Registration is open for this event)

Spin Schedule
Sorry, No Spinning at the Rivers Club for me this week

Monday -LA Fitness @ 6:45 pm
Tuesday -LA Fitness @ 6:45 pm
Wednesday -LA Fitness @ 5:45 am
Friday -LA Fitness @ 5:45 am

Other Workout Schedule
Monday -LA Fitness @ 5:30 am -Chest, Shoulders & Core
Tuesday -LA Fitness @ 5:00 am -Legs then possibly a swim!
Wednesday -LA Fitness @ 5:00 am -Legs
Thursday -LA Fitness @ 5:00 am -Arms & Core, more swimming!
Friday -LA Fitness @ 5:00 am -2nd Round of Chest & Back

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