Sunday, August 12, 2012

This Weeks Plan (August 13-18)

Sorry for not posting last week. Here is this weeks plan! We are almost finished with the P90X routine and the plan is going to be to move onto Insanity next! We may take a week off, then do a week of Spartacus 2.0 before starting, but details are on the way.

Awesome Salsa Recipe
On a side note, if you're looking to make a killer salsa for your next picnic, give this a try (I had it today and it was awesome). Cut up small cubes of avocado and mango, mix it up with some fresh cilantro (and add some jalapeno if you want a kick). That's it, delicious!

Spin Schedule
Monday -LA Fitness @ 5:45am class
Tuesday -*LA Fitness @ 6:45 pm, Rivers Club
Wednesday - LA Fitness @ 5:45 am, NO Rivers Club @ Lunch
Friday -LA Fitness @ 5:00 am
*I will ride all classes at Zone 2 pace unless you see an *. Remember, just because I'm at Zone 2, doesn't mean you can't go harder (just make sure it's Zone 4 and not 3 if you do!)

Other Workout Schedule
Monday - LA Fitness @ 5:00am -P90X Chest & Back
Tuesday -LA Fitness @ 5:20 am -Core & Swimming
Wednesday -LA Fitness @ 5:00 am -P90X Shoulders & Arms
Thursday -LA Fitness @ 5:20 am -P90X Legs
Saturday -Run or Bike Ride
If you're following the P90X program with me, do the Ab Ripper routine on your own today
Sunday - Recovery

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