Saturday, September 14, 2013

The Less Sugar, Less Grains Experiment!

Three weeks ago I put up a post describing my new diet focus (almost #NSNG). Most of the principles I have been following, but a few big changes were planned. The biggest of these is that I'm limiting all grains and sugars, which I normally rely on to fuel my athletic training. After listening to several experts on the subject, I no longer believe I need to do all the carbing up that I use to. This change is the way I plan on proving it to myself.

If you've followed any of my personal nutrition log youll notice im eating a ton of fat! Youll also notice that my day to day diet isn't always perfect. Cake pops up on the weekends, pumpkin spice latte season is in full effect, and a few nights my dinners are all grained up, but on average I'm keeping my average daily carbs between 150 - 200 grams (not nearly enough to be in Ketosis, but that's not my goal).

So, after three weeks and enough fat to gain 15 pounds, how is the diet going?

Well, my first weigh registered at 158 pounds with 13.1% of that being measured as body fat. During the course of the last few weeks I've seen that number fluctuate a bit, but after about one week it began coming down. When I measured last Friday I was at 151 pounds nd 12.1% body fat. That means (if my calculations are right) that I dropped 7 pounds, and 1% of my body fat, or if we're counting only fat, about 2.5 pounds...not bad!

The ultimate goals here though are not about numbers, they are about feeling good, having more energy, and being able to use fat as a more effective fuel to power my endurance sports.

So far, so good. I have rarely been hungry, my energy level at work, in the gym, and in training is phenomenal. This past weekend I completed a 15 mile run, at a nearly 8:30 (Zone 2) pace with no problem. All I took before the run was a banana and three capsules of ShroomTech Sport. No gels, Gatorade, coconut water or crazy Hammer concoctions. I'm a believer!

Over the next few weeks, I'll continue to keep close track of what's going into my mouth. My nutrition journal will stay updated and I'll be monitoring my weight and body fat percentage. Eventually, I'll start to move away from logging all the foods I'm eating but continue to stick to the principles that have got me to this point. As long as improvements in my body composition and athletic performance continue to improve, I'll keep working this plan. I'm sure at some point though, I'll give something else a try just to see how my body reacts. I've always kicked around the idea of going vegan for lent, but haven't quite convinced myself yet.

Stay posted to this blog for more updates on this great diet experiment. In the meantime, here are some excellent other sources of information on the topic of diet!

Additional Resources

Ben Greenfiled (closer to who I eat), Rich Roll (Vegan) and Vinne Tortorich (No Sugars, No Grais) "Debate" on YouTube (No Sugars, No Grains) and their views on nutrition.

Ben Greenfield "Meals for Busy Athletes" -Check out the other sections on nutrition in this eBook

Finding Ultra -Rich Rolls Best Selling Book

Vinnie Tortorich

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