Saturday, September 21, 2013

Weekly Schedule (9/23 -9/29)

Looking forward to hitting it hard in the middle of September. See you at a class soon!

Weekly Schedule

Monday 5:45am @ LA Fitness -  Standard Class w/ Ken (Off Bike)
Monday @ Rivers Club - Standard Class w/ Ken
Tuesday @ LA Fitness - Standard Class w/ Ken
Wednesday @ Rivers Club - Standard Class w/ Gina Subbing
Friday 5:45am @ LA Fitness - "Red Line Hour" Class w/ Ken 
Sunday - The Great Race (Run Clinic will meet the following Tuesday)

Friday's "Red Line, Bulletproof, Jello Shot Extravaganza Class"

We've been talking about a red line, one hour ride at LA Fitness for quite some time now. Well here it is! Mark your calendars for Friday, September 27th. Class will start at 5:05am (instead of the regular 545am) and after a good 20 minute warm up we'll hammer the intensity for a full hour. The awesomeness won't end their either, you'll want to stick around for a few minutes after class for a post ride celebration!
That's right, after going ALL OUT for an hour, we'll celebrate our awesomeness with some bulletproof coffee (whipped up by me) and what I like to call my homemade bulletproof almond butter (basically almond butter with MCT Oil). Jack's committed to bringing some jello shots, and if you'd like to pitch in with a concoction of your own feel free!

Even if you can't make it for the early part of class, pop in at 545 and you'll still get a great workout, plus the awesome celebration at the end!

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