Sunday, February 9, 2014

The 4 Hour Body, ChiRunning, and the Weekly Schedule!

Lot's to cover in this weeks post, including the Weekly Schedule, Info for Race to Anyplace Riders, my look at the "4 Hour Body" diet plan, and the upcoming ChiRunning talk I'll be giving at Elite Walkers and Runners this Wednesday.

The 4 Hour Body
You may remember a few months ago when I wrote a post called "What Do You Eat?". The idea was to basically follow Vinnie Tortorich's plan and stop eating grains and sugars. While Vinnie's plan is #NSNG (No Sugars, No Grains) I wasn't ready to 100% say I'd be that strict. After following the plan for several weeks though (click here for a recap 3 weeks in), I was feeling great!

Well one thing lead to another, Thanksgiving, Christmas, etc. and I somewhat fell off the bandwagon. I still think that by most standards, my diet is pretty darn good. However I have definitely been adding more and more sugars and grains. I've gained a little weight, and so decided it's time to trim down on the body fat and increase the muscle mass. So, aside from the pretty awesome workout I've been doing since January (see point 2 in this post from January for more on that), I'll be adding the principles form the 4 Hour Body into my routine.

Why the 4 Hour Body and not back to Vinnie's #NSNG diet? Quite honestly, it gives me something new to write about! I also think there are a lot of other great tips in the 4 Hour Body book that I'll be playing around with too.

So, I'll get started on following this plan and report back into you with the results in about 4 weeks. Over that time I'll be focused on these primary principles from the book:
  • Avoid White Carbs
  • Eat the same foods (makes for less planning)
  • Don't drink calories
  • Don't eat fruit (might struggle here a bit)
  • Take on day off per week
That's it! At the time of this post I've gained a few pounds of body fat. I'm about 156 and 14% - 15% fat. I'm also getting some basic blood work done Monday am. I'll give you updated stats in 4 weeks...

My Free ChiRunning Intro Seminar 
February 12th @ 6:30 PM

The American Academy of Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation reports that nearly 70 percent of runners will develop a related injury. Statistically speaking, that makes running one of the most dangerous sports out there!

Join me for a brief overview of the Chi Running technique.  Learn how to run with more energy and efficiency, while preventing injury by applying the basic movement concepts of Tai Chi to your running.

Click Here for more info!

Race to Anyplace
The Race to Anyplace is just around the corner. If you're training and haven't downloaded the training plan yet, click below to download it. Also, if you haven't officially registered online, you need to do that ASAP. Click here for the details!

Click on this link to download a PDF version
Click on this link to add it to a online training journal (requires a FREE TrainingPeaks Account)

Weekly Schedule
Monday @ Rivers Club - Standard Classt w/ Ken
Tuesday 5:45 @ LA Fitness - Race Rehearsal! w/ Ken (2 Race to Anyplace Sprints, 15 minutes each)
Wednesday @ Rivers Club - Standard Class w/ a Sub
Friday 5:45am @ LA Fitness - Standard Class w/ Ken (2 Race to Anyplace Sprints, 10 minutes each)
Friday @ Rivers Club *Bonus Lunch time Spin & Abs class with Ken (subbing for Ellen)

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