Monday, May 16, 2011

Marathon Recap & IM Week 6 Schedule

Marathon Recap

Finally, the first race of the season! I was pretty stoked about the marathon and to be honest, I had no idea what I was going to run. Originally I said I'd be happy to do it under 4 hours. This sounded like a reasonable goal for my first time and a lot of people said it was a good goal to shoot for. Inside though, I knew I could do better and if I made this my goal it would be selling myself short. After talking with a few running friends the weekend before, I decided to shoot for 3:30 with a stretch goal of 3:20.

I felt great during the first 15 miles of the run. I stayed with the 3:20 pace group up to that point but started training off just outside of Homewood. My left leg started to cramp in the back and it almost felt like I had a tweaky nerve from my lower back into my glut (probably should have that looked at). Around mile 18 my feet felt a bit swollen and I wanted to stop and loosen up my laces but decided it was best to keep going.

Then I hit the dreaded final 6 miles! I was very tired at that point. My pace was down to about 8:30 per mile, more than a minute more than my first 15. There was a great sign at this point that said "Just like a 10K (with a 20 mile warm up)". The humor was definitely appreciated.

Then, with 1.5 miles do go, I downed a Gu. The sugar kicked in instantly and mixed with the adrenaline of knowing the end was near. I was able to pick the pace back up to around 7:30 per mile and hit the finish line at 3:28:27!

It was a great experience and I highly encourage any of you that actually are reading this to sign up for the full, half, or walking half next year!

Week 6 IM Training

Now onto this week's schedule!

Monday - 24oo yard Swim DONE (didn't even take a day off!)
Tuesday - 5:45am Spin LA Fitness
- 12:15pm Spin Rivers Club
- 6:45pm Spin LA Fitness -10min warm up, 10min all out (3min recovery),
20min all out (4min recover), 10min all out (5min recover), end of
remainder of class 75%
- 5:45 Spin LA Fitness
- 12:15 Spin Rivers Club
Thursday - Run 1 hour at 5am, Swim 2200 yards all at LA Fitness
Friday - 5:45am Spin Rivers club
Saturday - Bike 3.5 hours, Run 25min (time/location tbd)
- Lunch time swim at Rivers Club, 2300 yards
Sunday - Bike 3 hours

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