Sunday, May 1, 2011

Week Four of IM Training

This Week...
It's going to be an awfully busy week for me so here is a brief rundown of what you can expect if you're planning on training with me or taking any of my classes. I will not be teaching my Friday at LA Fitness or my Wednesday afternoon at the Rivers Club. Stacy will be in for me on Friday and Dale will be in on Wednesday. Here's the rest of the week....

Spin at LA Fitness (on the Bike by 5:15 if anyone wants to show up and go early)
Spin at LA Fitness 5:45am
Spin at Rivers Club 12:15pm
Spin at LA Fitness 6:45pm (Warm Up then going like hell for 40 minutes straigt...Race Pace!)
Spin at LA Fitness 5:45am - 6:30am
Hopefully find time to Swim but I'll be in DC for Work
Run or Swim in the AM in DC
Swim Friday after I get back from DC at LA Fitness
Long run day @ 8am....not sure on mileage yet, I'm tapering before the marathon
Some type of ride (hopefully outside & not on the trainer)

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