Sunday, May 22, 2011

Week of 5/23

Another fun filled week ahead. Lot's of training, lots of day job stuff and probably not much sleeping. Here's the plan, hope to see you at one of the workouts!

Monday- Some core/upper body work at LA, 515am & Swim 2240 yards
Tuesday- Run at LA (445am), Spin at 545 at LA, Spin at 1215 Rivers Club, Spin at 645 LA (Pyramid Class)
Wednesday- Spin at LA 530am (yes, we're starting early! The ride will consist of a warm up, 12min all out, 4 off, 20 all out, 4 off, 12 all out), Spin at Rivers Club 1215 followed by a short run
Thursday- Run 430am at LA followed by a 2400 yard swim (maybe at the Rivers Club)
Friday - Yoga at LA 500am, followed by Spin, 2600 yard swim at Rivers Club during lunch

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