Monday, March 3, 2014

40 Days & 40 Nights -Ultimate Push Up Plan

The Lenten season is about to kick off, and for many faithful Christians that means making some type of sacrifice. It may involve not drinking coffee for the next 40 days, giving up delicious deserts, or even abstaining from Facebook. For others it might mean making it to a worship service more often, focusing on helping those in need, or some other type of activity that involves the sharing of your time.

As the 2014 season kicks off, the SMM Sports team has some thoughts for you to consider (and a push up program for you to follow!)…

  1. Do something that makes you feel more spiritual. Go to church, take a yoga class, paint, or find some other way to express your spirituality, whatever that may be. 
  2. Make a small sacrifice. Give up something you’ve been meaning to kick. Make it a bad habit that you don’t want to come back to after the season is over. 
  3. Do something to improve yourself health wise (physically and mentally). Here’s our guide to staring a push up routine. Use this form to keep track of your progress. Turn it into after Easter, at the end of a Spinning class, and see how you stacked up against everyone else participating.
Download our 40 day push up program here and start this Wednesday, March 5th!

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