Saturday, March 15, 2014

The 2014 Race to Any Place SMM Race Report

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It feels like it was ages ago, but in reality it's only been three short weeks since the 2014 Race to Anyplace. Once again, the Space Monkey Mafia came up on top in what panned out to be our toughest year ever.

It never fails, no matter how well prepared we believe we are something comes in last minute that puts a dent in the plan. This year it was the division we were assigned to race in.

Years ago, the Space Monkey Mafia teams rode with the YMCA. This was mainly because  I worked for the Y as a spinning instructor. Since moving on from that position, I've tried to keep us in the open division (only because I don't think the YMCA teams appreciate us showing up and winning their trophy).
Check out all the race photos here
and add your own

With that in mind, last year we did compete in the open division. The bikes used in that group are different, and actually ride about 15%-20% slower than the YMCA bikes. Therefor, when we showed up  on race morning and discovered that our team was placed in the YMCA division, I had to quickly readjust what we'd expected from each rider. It's a good thing we did too.

A new team was racing in the Y division. They were from the recently opened Hill District YMCA and they were fast! It was neck and neck throughout the entire race, but in the end we came up just about 3 miles ahead. If we stay in the Y division next year, it'll be even closer.

All in all, it was a great event. Thanks to those who rode for both our teams. The JV and race team hit record high distances and I'm pumped to see what we'll do next year (regardless of the division).

Check out the quick breakdown here for the miles each rider put up!

Space Monkey Mafia
NameRide 1Ride 2Total Distance 1st 2 Rides
Matt B.11.311.622.9
Ken P.12.31224.3
Chris L.11.811.623.4
Dave H.1110.921.9
David B.11.611.322.9
Lisa R.11.511.322.8
Jim T.11.511.523
Gary M.1211.923.9
Kat P.12.31224.3
Mia A.11.311.122.4
Chuck E.11.511.222.7
Brian R.11.811.523.3

Space Monkey Mafia JV
NameRide 1Ride 2Ride 3Total Distance 1st 2 Rides
Jack R.
Mike Z.9.69.619.2
Mary Jo D.9.49.418.8
Matt B.10.710.7
Ken P.12.211.523.7
Vicki D.
Chris L.11.611.222.8
Brian R.11.611.6
Lisa R.10.910.9
David B.10.810.8
Nicole B.10.810.521.3
Jim T.11.111.1
Mystery Rider 310.810.8
Robbie H.9.89.819.6

SMM JV199.0233.2
Open (3rd)198.5533.1
Health Club213.5835.6

*2013 Division stats. SMM & SMM JV were 1st & 2nd place in the "Open" division.

Check out all the race photos here, and add any you might have!

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