Saturday, March 8, 2014

The 4 Hour Body -Week 4 and the Deal with Dairy

Week 4 down, ready to roll onto 5. Our 4 Hour Body diet plan is going pretty darn well and I'll post updated body stats in the next few weeks.

We've had a lot of friends reading our updates and asking questions. One of the biggest questions I gett is, "what about dairy?" Check out my thoughts below.

Once again, as a reminder, the five basic rules for the diet are:
  1. Avoid White Carbs
  2. Eat the same foods (makes for less planning)
  3. Don't drink calories
  4. Don't eat fruit
  5. Take one day off per week

What's the Deal with Dairy
The 4 Hour Body is a plan for rapid fat loss and/or muscle gain. With that in mind I can understand why it says to avoid dairy. Not only do a large number of people not react well to dairy, many simply can't loose weight eating it.

Personally though, I don't have an issue with it, especially if it's the full fat, real stuff (skim milk, 2% milk, and all the other 'low fat' dairy turn straight to sugar in your body).

I find that if I wake up in the morning and don't have time to eat, a few ounces of heavy cream in my coffee is a perfect 'fast food' (if I'm not making a cup of delicious bullet proof coffee with the kit I got at Onnit).

When I'm having a salad, I want get extra calories and fat by adding cheese. Last week I posted a recipe for a cheesy zucchini mac 'n cheese and even used some cheddar slices on last Wednesday's almond meal breaded cod.

So what was the result Kelly & I experienced form allowing dairy into the diet? Nothing! We're still shedding fat and feeling great.

But, this might not be true for you! If you're looking to really kick start things and get some rapid fat loss, I'd say skip the dairy in the beginning. Add a little in on week 2 or 3, and if it doesn't slow down your progress, you're probably okay. Just don't over do it!

Last Week’s Meal Log

Other Snacks
-Almond butter
-Cottage cheese
(full fat)
-Salmon Salad w/ EVOO & balsamic
--Beef & banana peppers
-"Mock" garlic mashed potatoes
-Almond butter
-100% cacoa
-Coffee w/ heavy cream
-Almond butter
-Coconut flour pancakes
-Cottage cheese w/ flax seed & coconut flakes
-Beef & banana peppers
-Thai basil chicken
-Stir fry veggies
-Peanut butter
-Coffee w/ heavy cream & 100% cacao powder
-Bullet proof coffee
-Cottage cheese w/ flax seed & coconut flakes
-Salmon Salad w/ EVOO & balsamic
-Almond butter
-Bullet proof coffee
-Grilled chicken w/ sauteed veggies & bacon
-Max's Tavern Ruben w/o bread or dressing
-Green Beans
-1 Glass Red Wine
-Starbucks almond pack
-Starbucks pumpkin seed mix
-Coffee w/ heavy cream
-3 eggs w/ spinach, banana
pepper, avocado
-Moe's pork & steak salad
-Peanut butter
-Almond butter
Cheat Day
-Protein Shake
-Scone, cheese muffin, chocolate muffin
-Vodka w/ twist
-LA Penne w/ shrimp, chicken, sausage
-Red wine
-Almond butter
-Bagel bites
- - - -

*We used almond meal, but the recipe above calls for almond flour.
**Normally I don't do shakes like this, but have been asked a lot about what I think of Shakeology, stay tuned for a full review soon.

Image courtesy of stockimages / Ambro

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