Sunday, January 9, 2011

January Week 2!

The first week of my new "pre-ironman" training routine went pretty well. Thanks to all my friends who came out to do these workouts with me. If you didn't make it by for a workout last week, feel free to do so this week. We're going to the same basic schedule:

This Week
  • Mondays 4:50am-6:30am Yoga X & Swimming (I'll only be doing the first half of Yoga X which is 45 minutes or so of flow Yoga. After that I'm in the pool, but I'll leave the tape running for anyone who wants to do the whole thing) & Running in the evening
  • Tuesdays 4:50am Circuit training (Push Ups 1min, Burpee 1min, Roll Up/V Up 1min, Lunge across floor & back, Plank 1min, Suspended Push Ups/Dips, 3 Sets of Pull Ups, Shadow Boxing 4min) & Spinning at 5:30am (Endurance Zone) and 6:45pm (Interval Zone)
  • Wednesdays 4:50am Flexibility/Core training & Spinning at 5:30am (Recovery Zone)
  • Wednesdays @ Rivers Club Spinning at 12:15pm (Interval Zone)
  • Thursdays Circuit Training (Spartacus Workout) & Swimming
  • Fridays 4:50am Flexibility/Core & Spinning at 5:30am (Interval or Race Day Zone)
  • Saturdays Active Recovery Day (easy ride, walk the dog, carb-load, etc.)
  • Sundays 8-13 Mile Run
Last Week
As mentioned above, all in all last week went pretty well. I consumed about 20,000 calories from Monday through Saturday and during that same time burned about 4,252 through training. That's probably about 5,000 calories above where I should be but it's no big deal.

By far, the hardest two workouts were Yoga X on Monday and Spartacus on Thursday. I for got how brutal that circuit is (which is why we'll do it again this Thursday).

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