Sunday, January 2, 2011

Gearing Up...

Now that the crazy Christmas eating & New Year's drinking is over, I'm pretty pumped to gear up my new training program for the next 3 1/2 months before the real Ironman training kicks in. In that time I plan to really focus on improving my core strength, flexibly and overall aerobic base (although it's pretty hard core already). I'll also be looking to get a better hold of my diet and work toward 8% body fat.

The new routine kicks off tomorrow with an hour and a half of yoga at LA Fitness (4:50AM). I know it sounds like a lot, but half the routine is flow vinyasa style yoga and the second half is focused more on flexibility and relaxation. So far a few friends have committed to showing up and doing it with me, if you're free (and let's be honest, who's not at 4 in the morning?), stop in and join us. We'll be using the P90X Yoga DVD and trust me, it's no joke. I ignored Yoga in all my training for a long time because I thought it was kind of silly, but once I added into my regular workouts I realized it had real power.

Tuesday is one of the tougher days in my routine, feel free to join me for any or all of my Tuesday workouts! We'll start early again (4:50am) at LA Fitness with some circuit training. Mostly body weight types of exercises (push ups, pull ups, lunges, etc). Spinning class starts at 5:45am then its off to work for the day before coming back to LA Fitness for a 6:45pm class.

Wednesday, Thursday, Friday
It'll be Core & Flex on Wednesday, Spartacus Circuit on Thursday, and more Flex & Core Friday. Don't forget Spinning classes are mixed in, see the schedule in my last post.

Hope you're able to make it out to a few workouts this week, let me know if you need a guest pass. I'll be updating this post as we head through the week with notes on the workouts!

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