Monday, January 3, 2011

Today's Yoga X Workout & Tuesdays Circuit

Today's Yoga Workout
Yoga today was definitely tougher than I thought it would be, but thanks to everyone who showed up and made it through. For me, triangle pose and warrior 3 were way harder than I remember.

I know everyone who was there is at a different level of fitness. Some of us were more experienced at yoga that others (I'm not including myself in the experience category), and I thought it might be good to throw out a few tips that have helped me improve.

1. Go take a class form a good qualified instructor!
The DVDs I'm using guide you through the moves, but they can't teach you proper form. Once you've been to a few instructor lead courses you'll understand more of the basics and know what the poses are suppose to feel like. After a few classes you'll be much more confident and even be able to work on poses by yourself.

2. Get a block!
I know, it's pretty funny that mine is pink, but hey I had a gift card to Best Buy and it was the only color they carried! By using a block you'll be able to maintain proper form without over extending yourself or slipping into poor form just to try and stay in a pose. They're cheap too, I think mine was only $10 or $11.

3. Don't over do it! The DVD today was a ton of Flow yoga. We were in plank, up dog, and down dog a lot. While these can be recovery poses, they are also very tough. Don't be afraid to take a child's pose if it feels like it's getting to intense. Jump back in whenever you feel you've recovered.

Tuesday's Circuit
Here's what my Tuesday AM circuit looks like, hope you can make it out an join us!

1. Run in Place (1min)
2. Burpees (1min)
3. Plank (2min/rest as needed)
4. Push Ups (2min/rest as needed)
5. Roll-Up/V-Up (1min)
6. Heavy Bag Shadow Box (3min/rest as needed)
7. Traveling Lunge to Pull Up Bars
8. Pull Ups (half of your max number)
9. Push Ups (half of your max number)
10. Repeat 8
11. Repeat 9
12. Repeat 8
13. Repeat 9
14. Side Jack-Knife (45sec ea. side)

See you in the AM!

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