Thursday, September 29, 2011

Starting "Training Peaks"

Email me if you want to try this for free!
Turkey Trotters, spinners & other friends, we've been doing a lot of training together! Some of you have been following my Turkey Trot plan, meeting me for other workouts throughout the week, or just asking for me to help set you up with something. Well, here's the deal! As you know, I'm not really a certified "coach" of sorts, although I do have Johnny G Spinning certification, aerobics certifications, personal training & and some high level nutritional education.

That said, I'm still drafting training plans for a lot of people. Mainly they're just the plans I've created for myself, modified to fit other levels of fitness (higher & lower). All that said, I thought it might be cool to try an online tool to help keep track of all the people I'm working with.

It's called "Training Peaks." You can sign up for a free addition online, but your functionality is very limited. You can plug in workouts the day you do them, but can't schedule them in advance. There is a nutrition log, but you can't schedule meals in advance. There's the ability to set up an Annual Training Plan (based on the races you may or may not want to do throughout the whole year), but you have to pay a premium to access the feature. In fact, it can be as high as $19.95 to access all these features! A bit too high I think for those of us who aren't full time athletes!

The Solution...
I'm looking to set up a coaches account with Training Peaks, if we have enough interest in it AND I'm not looking to use it to make money. What's that mean? You pay what I pay! I'm just looking to cover the cost of the service each month and thinking if we have enough people sign up (only 10), the subscription fee will be around $5 each month (a bit higher the first due to the set up fees, maybe $10 - $15).

The benefits of this for you would be awesome! You're getting some pretty kick ass tools to monitor your training routines (you can track not only the training plans I give you, but enter your own workouts if your lifting weights, or doing something outside of what the group is doing). You'll have a really sweet online food journal, an Annual Training Plan based on what you plan to do next year (ie; you'll know what workouts to do and when if your planning major events like a 5k, 10k, marathon, MS 150, Pittsburgh Tri, etc.).

Best of all, you get me! I'll plug in your routines based on the races/runs/other goals you set for yourself. I'll add a library of our boot camp workouts and more.

So again, if this sounds like something you would be into, let me know!

Email and I'll get you access to try it for free. The Turkey Trot plan is already loaded in and once you're signed up I'll add it to your calendar so you know what to do when & don't have to use the Google spreadsheet. Also, there's a pretty cool (free) mobile app for your smart phone!

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