Thursday, September 1, 2011

It's Time to Train!

What's Next?

Okay, since Ironman's over I've been feeling like I need something else to train for. Sure, the Pittsburgh Marathon is coming up in May (but that's still pretty far away) and the Race to Any Place is in February, but I'm looking for something to do while the winter sets in.

What I've come up with is putting a team together for the YMCA's 21st Annual Turkey Trot on Thanksgiving morning and I want you to train for it with me! It's a 5K or 5 mile race

I'll be reaching out to most of my blog readers in an email shortly. If you're interested in training (regardless of your fitness level) reply to my email, shoot me a message at, or leave a comment below. Regardless of your fitness level, we'll get you to a point where you can jog the entire 5K race!

Here's how the program will be divided up for all levels.

3 Groups that Can Train with Us for the Turkey Trot

"I Don't Run" or "I Hate to Run"
Your going to follow a program based of the recently famous Couch to 5K running program. Your training will start on September 22 and I'll give you a plan that includes some workouts on your own, a group run here and there on the weekends (or after work) and I'll set it up so you can use my Spin Class to substitute a run workout every now and then.

"I'm Ready to Hit a New PR"
This is the category I'll likely fall in. Again, I'll set up a plan for those of us looking to move a little faster during the Turkey Trot. We'll meet up with the Couch to 5Kers for group workouts on the track or at South Park, but let's plan on running a little faster (especially since the majority of those in this category will already be runners to begin with).

"Let's Get Podium Time"
So maybe you're really looking to hit it hard and trying to place in this race. That's awesome! You can certainly train with us and even as an "age grouper" just looking for a new PR, I'll do my best to keep up with you during training.

Why Train with the Team?
Easy, because training alone sucks! Plus we'll be working to keep each other accountable with some simple online tools to so everyone can see the progress the team is making. Whether your starting out with a quick walk, jog, run or all out sprint, I hope you'll sign up to run with us!

Like I said, leave me a comment, send me an email, or shoot me a Facebook comment to let me know if your interested. Don't sign up through just yet. I'll send out all the instructions soon.