Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Turkey Trot Training for Wednesday

Congratulations to everyone who sucked it up and ran last night (even without me there)! Don't forget, even on days we can't all be together, you still need to complete the workout and record it in the spreadsheet so that we know you're not dogin' this!

Wednesdays workout is another one I won't be around for. I'm still recovering from this crazy stomach thing that hit me Sunday night. As a heads up, the Baldwin Whitehall track looks like its in use, but TJ's track looks open. I'd suggest you hit that up for tomorrows workout.

Remember, you can do these workouts on your own, at the track, in the gym, or anywhere else. Just make sure you do them!

I plan to be back in commission for Saturdays workout. I'm thinking it'll be in the AM at the Baldwin Track (probably around 10am).

1 comment:

  1. Do u plan on S.Park for some runs? I know how far 1.5mi is to help those that are looking to do 3 total miles. That may be good closer to the end of training or for a 5k test run....just a thought.