Friday, September 30, 2011

TrainingPeaks is Ready to Go!

Okay, the TrainingPeaks site is up and running and you can get in on the free trial with the rest of us. If you like it, and want to continue using it after our trial is over, I’m estimating it will cost around $5 per month (slightly more the first month). Here’s what you’ll get for that!

  • The ability to have me create a personalized plan for you (basically for free, you’re only paying for access to the site once the trial is over!).
  • The ability to drag & drop my Spin Class profiles onto your workout calendar after you complete the days workout (this will give you more accurate calorie counts.
  • The ability to track the foods you eat, compare them to the calories you’re burning & create a plan for any weight goal you may have.
  • The opportunity to be on my kick-ass team “The Space Monkey Mafia” for all kinds of events!

Even if you don’t want to continue after the free trial log on anyway, create an account, get a free training plan for me for whatever you race you plan on doing, and print it out for later. No harm in that!

If you do sing up let me know. We’ll set up some time to talk on the phone, over coffee, or after spinning to fine tune your goals in the system and get you on a killer plan!

Click on the "SMM Athletes" bar at the top of this blog to sign up!



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