Saturday, March 31, 2012

Pittsburgh Marathon 20 Mile Training Run by kcp487 at Garmin Connect - Details

A pretty good training run today, although it felt pretty rough toward the end. My heart rate went really high early in the run which was a bit strange. I don't think it was due to any static built up in my shirt interfering with the sensors either (as it will do some times) because I felt like it was high...maybe I should go get that checked out again sometime soon! After stopping for a moment, it felt fine and the HR monitor showed 140 so we started back at it.

Overall my average BPM were 154, or just about low Zone 3. Even though it felt like a slower run today our average pace was 8:29, which again is right around a high Zone 2 or low 3 for me. I also ran into some issues at about mile 16 when some pain set in on my lower right back, then ran down the outside of the right leg into the knee. If I had to go 6 more miles it would have been a challenge to keep up the pace. Still work to do before marathon day.

Stick to Your Plans!
I'll be ready as long as I stick to my plan and don't overdo it in my spin classes. As a little fyi for you, his is actually the point of having a plan. Know when your hard days are and when your easy days are. Stick to them as best you can while also listening to what your body is telling you. Two weeks ago I felt fantastic. I decided to ride ever spin class that I felt good in as hard as I could. Also went hard on my 18 mile run after that crazy week of Spin classes. Where did it get me? Burned out!

This week was brutal! I didn't feel like going hard at all. I missed my running speed workouts and was probably a little bit slower today than I should have been. Point being, if you have a good plan, stick to it. Straying from the plan to go harder than you should will burn you out and cause you to have less energy on the days you really need it!

Anyway, enough can check out all the details of today's run below!

Pittsburgh Marathon 20 Mile Training Run by kcp487 at Garmin Connect - Details

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