Sunday, March 11, 2012

Week of 3/11

I've heard back from Giant Eagle! Stay tuned to hear the pleasantly surprising, pink slime response....

Here's the schedule, I plan on being at all regular classes.

Race to Any Place report coming this week!

Spin Schedule
Monday -LA Fitness @ 5:45am class
Tuesday -LA Fitness @ 6:45 pm, Rivers Club @ Lunch
Wednesday - LA Fitness @ 5:45 am, Rivers Club @ Lunch
Friday -LA Fitness @ 5:45 am -St. Patrick's Day Party Class!

Other Workout Schedule
Monday - LA Fitness @ 5:00am -Strength Training
Tuesday -LA Fitness @ 5:00 am -Marathon Training & Swimming
Wednesday -LA Fitness @ 5:00 am -Strength Training
Thursday -LA Fitness @ 5:00 am - Swimming, Lunch time run time @ the rivers club
Friday -LA Fitness @ 5:00am -Strength Training
Saturday -St. Patrick's Day Festivities (not working out)!
Sunday -Running, probably with the Fleet Feet team at 7:30am but stay tuned for details

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